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Our Mission


We design, build, facilitate and support 

customized training solutions for talent development.

Our Story


Blueprint wasn't born yesterday. In 2002, our founder Brad J. Anderson, was working for a large U.S. based employee training and consulting company. Brad's large portfolio of clients enjoyed his style of training - informative, practical and educational, delivered in an entertaining, fun and engaging style.


Encouraged by the measurable results of his type of sales and customer experience training, Brad's reputation continued to grow as he built better business outcomes using the constructs of positive and memorable employee experiences. Brad saw unmistakable ROI outcomes as a direct result of his unique plans, or blueprints, of training foundations between organizations, team members and customers.

So in 2009, Brad launched his own company, Blueprint.... and he and his team are known as architects of employee training.


Blueprint was built on the idea that by designing and delivering training programs that are personalized and customized to each clients' specific needs, they could provide his client base with unique and meaningful behavior change in employees. By merging the fundamentals of genuine hospitality, sales and business operations with strategic and creative execution, Blueprint provides a fresh and modernized approach to the needs of our clients.


In just a few short years, Blueprint has attracted a worldwide fan club, having delivered thousands of programs to the applause of audiences throughout The Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Australia. Our clients have included some of the largest players in the multi-family, equipment and hospitality industries, among others.

Our Leadership Team


Brad J. Anderson

Senior Training Architect and President

Scottsdale, AZ


Margie Coltharp 

Senior Organizational Development Architect

Memphis, TN


Patti Farrell

Senior Graphic Design Architect

Milwaukee, WI


Erin Horvat

Senior Learning & Development Architect

Seattle, WA

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