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Patti Farrell

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Patti Farrell is a talented graphic design professional who works her magic to bring messaging to life through images, text, colors, and textures. Patti’s ability to weave this magic into a compelling story is what sets her apart from other graphic designers.


Patti excels at creating unique concepts for sales and service initiatives by tapping into a truly exceptional imagination while upholding consistency in brand style and visual standards.  Her ability to visualize distinctive designs for her clients while adhering to the strategic direction of an organization and its customers, has earned her the highest of accolades.


Patti has over 30 years’ experience executing a wide variety of graphic design and creative messaging ideas across all mediums.   No matter the size or complexity of the project, Patti rises to the occasion and tackles them with gusto! Whether it’s a written piece, infographic, website or PowerPoint design, Patti’s creative talent is certain to make it stand out from the typical offering

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